Ask A Cavy provides advice for your guinea pig's needs

About Us

Not sure about what you can't feed Patch or what to do about Cookie's bleeding foot? Well we are here to help. 'Ask a Cavy' will give you personalised advice for all things guinea pig, from medical advice to ideas for housing. Contact us here.


Our cavy advice team will give you answers to your guinea pig problems and questions, within one to two working days.

Pictures: (From left) Cucumber, Chanel, Rapunzel, Remmy (one of our friends' guinea pigs), Peanut.


We have successfully foster-cared guinea pigs before and they went back to the shelter happy and healthy. We currently have 7 guinea pigs, one of which has babies on the way. Please look at the 'New arrivals' page for updates and pictures.


"Belle is enjoying her new hutch lay out," Anonymous, age unknown

"Thanks for helping me during my time of grief," Lynette, 39

"Cookie's foot is getting a lot better," Anonymous

"My guinea pig is so much better, " Aaron, age 7


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