Despite their timid nature, guinea pigs are very noisy. So you can tell which noise is which, I have decided to do a page just for noises. I hope it helps!

Wheeking: This noise is very common and it often means they want something.

Rumble strut: When a male guinea pig is trying to impress a female or when a guinea pig is trying to show who's boss. (In this video it is the rumbling noise)

Chattering: Guinea pigs tend to make this noise when they are unhappy or feel threatened. The male guinea pigs in particular do this just before they start fighting, so it is best if you separate them when you hear this noise.

Popcorning: Guinea pigs make this noise when they are being patted or when they are happy.

Purring: This is another way guinea pigs express their enjoyment.

Please note: None of these videos are mine.

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